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“shelter” · IDS West 2011 · Vancouver | 11/10/12

shelter news post 05 “shelter” · IDS West 2011 · Vancouver | 11/10/12

As part of molo’s exhibit at IDS West 2011, an installation was produced and presented involving four artist/designers – Hanahlie Beisle, Zoe Garred, David Ullock and Joshua Van Dyke – occupying the spaces in and around softshelter (a system for creating personal space within a larger shelter) to create an intimate community of individual viewing galleries.

shelter news post 01 “shelter” · IDS West 2011 · Vancouver | 11/10/12

Hanahlie Beise

Designer and textile-artist, Hanahlie Beise chose the word “Tierkunde” to represent her line of 100% wool felted animals, for its playful and childlike sound, as a nod to her roots (the word means “zoology” in German), and because of her lifelong fascination with, and love for animals. Each Tierkunde piece is meticulously needle-felted from local, directly sourced wool that’s been washed and processed at artisan facilities. As part of her intensely personal, process-based design practice, Hanahlie works with Canadian wool-sheep farmers to help support and build awareness for an industry that’s been decimated by competition with imports. In addition to her work with textiles, Hanahlie is a partner in the design studio and boutique branding agency, Caste Projects. She lives in Victoria, BC.

hanahlie@casteprojects.com  ·   casteprojects.com

shelter news post 02 “shelter” · IDS West 2011 · Vancouver | 11/10/12

Fleet Objects

Fleet Objects is the Vancouver based design studio of Zoe Garred. Zoe’s interest is in creating elegantly simple and useful objects. Since the usefulness of an object is entirely subjective, Zoe explores ways of designing objects to be open in their function, inviting the owner to define the object’s significance. Zoe’s work is fully considered; her products and packaging use a minimum of materials, all of which are either re-usable, recyclable or biodegradable.
info@fleetobjects.com  ·   www.fleetobjects.com

shelter news post 03 “shelter” · IDS West 2011 · Vancouver | 11/10/12

David Ullock

David Ullock is a visual artist and designer, born in Victoria BC and raised on Vancouver Island. He is a graduate of the Vancouver Island School of Art and Vancouver Film School and enjoys exploring the possibilities of creating composition and narrative through his own uniquely developed process of “automatic marks”. His work extends into notions of psyche, transience, and the human mind within its physical surroundings. David is currently living in a softshelter at molo’s Vancouver workshop.

ullockd@gmail.com  ·   http://davidigital.tk

shelter news post 04 “shelter” · IDS West 2011 · Vancouver | 11/10/12

Joshua Van Dyke

Vancouver born artist Joshua Van Dyke graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 2007, and has exhibited in Vancouver, Scotland and Finland. He received an Olympic Torch Grant for the public art installation ‘Corridor’ in 2010. Working across sculpture, painting and installation, his practice explores notions of collection and display, materiality, and the overlapping of geographic and cultural boundaries. He has recently set up a Studio on Bowen Island where he lives.

joshuavandyke@hotmail.com  ·   www.finalcrit.com/art/joshuavandyke

shelter news post 06 “shelter” · IDS West 2011 · Vancouver | 11/10/12

wings + horns

Special thanks to wings + horns who provided clothing and shoes that were displayed in David’s area. After spending seven years in Japan immersed in its culture and fashion, founder Craig Atkinson had the vision to create a menswear line that combined the elements of Japanese quality and detail, together with Canadian Heritage. Launched in 2004 in Vancouver, Canada, wings+horns has established itself as the inspired brand it is today.

info@wingsandhorns.com  ·   www.wingsandhorns.com