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BREATHING_WALL_UC by Monika Bravo | 10/10/27

monikabravo uc 02 BREATHING WALL UC by Monika Bravo  |  10/10/27

The urbancanvas Design Competition is a unique opportunity to challenge professional artists and designers to create printed artwork for temporary protective structures at construction sites to beautify New York City’s streetscape and promote maintenance of these structures. The competition selected four complementary designs for different types of temporary protective structures located on City-owned property: construction fences, sidewalk sheds, supported scaffolds and cocoon systems. Selected from a pool of more than 100 design submissions, “BREATHING_WALL_UC,” by Monika Bravo was selected as one of the 4 winning designs.

monikabravo uc 01 BREATHING WALL UC by Monika Bravo  |  10/10/27

As part of the process of creating the image, Monika Bravo filmed the movement of paper softwall being compressed then opened. By layering stills from the footage with other abstract textural elements she created an image that embodies the rhythm and movement of paper softwall.

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