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emerging architecture talk at the RIBA | 12/02/06

ar mags11 emerging architecture talk at the RIBA  |  12/02/06

The ar+d Awards for Emerging Architecture are now in their 13th year and rank among the world’s top awards for young architects. Awards are given for excellence across a broad spectrum of design. Buildings, landscape, urbanism, products and furniture are all eligible.

Their history of success in this competition led to molo founders and lead designers Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen being asked to speak at the Royal Institute of British Architects to share their story and process as part of the Emerging Architecture series. The event takes place tomorrow evening in London.

colorado snow 032 emerging architecture talk at the RIBA  |  12/02/06

1999 was the first year the Awards for Emerging Architecture were held. That year Forsythe + MacAllen won an award for Colorado House. They designed and built the tiny solar powered house themselves while living on site in a remote region of the Rocky Mountains.

float tea lantern 092 emerging architecture talk at the RIBA  |  12/02/06

In 2002 Forsythe + MacAllen won another Award for Emerging Architecture. This time for float tea lantern, a piece designed as part of a study to create simple and beautiful objects designed of only a single material. Their inspiration for the tea lantern was the idea of such an object defining an intimate place of gathering, or contemplation, through qualities of light, warmth, fragrance and taste. float tea lantern became the first molo product and the float family has since expanded into a full line of glassware.

molo nebuta house by iwan baan 03 emerging architecture talk at the RIBA  |  12/02/06

The same year float tea lantern was designed, Forsythe + MacAllen won an international architecture competition for their design of a housing and community project in Aomori, Japan. In the years following the competition, Todd and Stephanie (now working as molo) worked closely with the City of Aomori making studies and designs that evolved the project from its original program of family apartment housing and community facilities to that of a unique cultural building inspired by the art, craft and the profound living spirit of Aomori’s Nebuta festival.

In 2011 Aomori Nebuta House (ねぶたの家 ワ・ラッセ) officially opened and it too received an ar+d Award for Emerging Architecture.