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float glassware on Terra Nova | 11/12/06

01 genesis float glassware on Terra Nova  |  11/12/06

molo’s float glassware is being used in the Terra Nova television series. float tea lantern is in the lab scene above.

float tea lantern 09 float glassware on Terra Nova  |  11/12/06

float tea lantern is the signature piece of the float family. A double glass wall creates thermal insulation that maintains hot or cold serving temperatures and allows the tea lantern the simple form of a cylinder without a handle. A tea light candle lit below the lantern and ambient light passing through the suspended bowl create a lens of colour on the tabletop. The colour, fragrance and steam of the tea create a sensory experience.

float glassware 02 1 float glassware on Terra Nova  |  11/12/06

float is a line of thermally resistant glassware designed with simple forms and clean lines. The suspended bowl creates a lens of liquid colour that projects onto the table top. Each piece is handcrafted by master glassblowers in the Czech Republic from the finest German borosilicate glass. This pure and chemically inert material is resistant to thermal shock, allowing all float glassware to be used safely with both boiling hot and ice-cold liquids. The suspended bowl design also performs the practical function of insulating the hand from the temperature of the beverage. When used for a chilled drink, small beads of condensation will accumulate on the underbelly of the bowl rather than making rings on your table top.