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kyoto temples | 12/01/09

IMG 2574 kyoto temples  |  12/01/09

In Japan the beginning of January is an important time for visiting temples. During this time period it’s felt that what we do and the quality of how we do it will set the tone for the coming year in aspects of life such as prosperity, business, and health.

Ginkaku-ji, or the Temple of the Silver Pavilion is a Zen temple. The famous garden contains a carefully formed sand cone, said to represent Mount Fuji.

IMG 2719 kyoto temples  |  12/01/09

IMG 2643 kyoto temples  |  12/01/09

Kinkaku-ji or the Temple of the Golden Pavilion is another important Zen temple and a National Special Historic Site. A dusting of snow is usually only visible for a few days per year.

IMG 3586 kyoto temples  |  12/01/09