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molo in MATTER magazine and Made Of… | 10/07/07

aomori matter mag molo in MATTER magazine and Made Of...  |  10/07/07

Nebuta House was recently featured in Material ConneXion’s MATTER magazine.

“One of the first to lead the charge into paper furniture and lighting was Vancouver-based design studio Molo. Having made a name for themselves with their flatpack softwall and softblock space dividers, collapsible furniture and lighting, and, most recently paper walls embedded with LEDs, the design studio is venturing beyond the small scale into architecture with the Nebuta House, a cultural center dedicated to the Japanese tradition of paper floats. Named for the Nebuta festivals that happen across Japan for one week during August, the Nebuta House will allow visitors to the town of Aomori, which draws millions of visitors to its renowned Nebuta festival, the ability to experience the fantastical creatures made “from paper, light and myth” throughout the year.”

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made of molo in MATTER magazine and Made Of...  |  10/07/07

made of 2 molo in MATTER magazine and Made Of...  |  10/07/07

molo’s soft collection in “Made Of… New Materials Sourcebook for Architecture and Design”

“Today’s innovative architecture would be inconceivable and unbuildable without the rapid development of new building materials and technologies. Against this background Made of… not only presents a comprehensive overview of unconventional approaches to the use of materials in architecture and design but also describes the current state of research and rediscovered technologies.”

By Christiane Sauer, published by Gestalten