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molostore launches November 15th! | 10/11/10

molostore launches November 15th and offers new + exclusive products with reduced pricing.

101110 molostore launch 00 molostore launches November 15th!  |  10/11/10

float bubble

The float bubble helps to bring the element of fire back to christmas tradition. Each hand-blown glass sphere has two openings – a larger opening through which you can place a candle, sprig, flower or memento and a small hole that provides airflow for a flickering candle. The float bubble is available in clear or fritted glass and can be hung on the tree, over a dining room table, or in a grouping to create a chandelier.

$60 USD for clear glass (3 pieces)
$70 USD for translucent fritted glass (3 pieces)

101110 molostore launch 03 molostore launches November 15th!  |  10/11/10


cappello is lit by LED, shaded by a paper “cap” or cappello in Italian and is set upon a cylinder of soft white Carrara marble. The cylinder piece actually comes out of the hole bored through the marble block-shaped base for the iconic floor lamp designed by the Castiglioni brothers. molo’s first lamp designed with the marble core as a base is called love letter (now sold out) and utilizes a unique double-sided electroluminescent film as its lighting source. Both lamps are a tribute to the designers we admire.

$160 USD

101110 molostore launch 05 molostore launches November 15th!  |  10/11/10

felt disc

felt disc is the perfect compliment to softseating fanning stool. Made from natural grey felted wool, felt disc can also be used along a long bench, on the floor with a low table, or alone as a soft display surface.


101110 molostore launch 04 molostore launches November 15th!  |  10/11/10

felt bag

This natural felted wool bag is perfect for day-to-day use and is available in natural heathered grey or black. The elliptical base transitions to meet in a straight line at the bag’s opening which fastens with hidden magnets. This geometry creates a generous three-dimensional volume that is both visually unique and practical in its capacity. The bag’s durable construction and sturdy but soft material allows it to be used for carrying a heavy load of books, groceries, or as a carry-all day bag. felt bag can be comfortably carried over-the-shoulder or used as a handbag. Use the pocket inside to smaller items such as phone and pens.

$75USD for natural heathered grey
$80USD for black

101110 molostore launch 01 molostore launches November 15th!  |  10/11/10

101110 molostore launch 02 molostore launches November 15th!  |  10/11/10

tapered softwall

The tapered profile exposes patterns from the internal honeycomb geometry, giving the tapered softwalls a unique visual expression. The tapered softwall uses less material than the already resource efficient modular softwall and is lighter. Each softwall is flexible in length, opening to a maximum of 4.5 meters (15′) long. tapered softwalls can be joined to other tapered softwalls by the magnetic end panels to create continuous lengths. A stainless steel wall hook is provided for simple compact storage.



molostore stickers1 molostore launches November 15th!  |  10/11/10