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New York Times – Inside the 2010 ICFF | 10/05/23

20icffspan 1 articleLarge New York Times  – Inside the 2010 ICFF  |  10/05/23
Members of the Editors Awards Committee at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair included, from left, Anniina Koivu, Susan Szenasy, Benjamin Kempton and Sam Grawe.

“The committee’s focus on particular objects inhibited much discussion of trends. But the final list of 17 winners revealed an emphasis on handwork and the rough and tumble, from the Japanese company Cocochi’s splayed-leg wood tables with grooved circular tops (which won for best craftsmanship) and the Canadian company molo’s scrunchy paper architecture (best booth) to the Maryland Institute College of Art’s collection of reimagined ancient materials, including felt produced by an artist who placed a bag of wet, soapy wool under her car seat and drove until the fibers matted (best design school project).”

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