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softshelter update | 11/08/05

110805 softshelter use 043 corrected sm softshelter update  |  11/08/05

softshelter is a system for creating personal space within a larger shelter area in order to provide individuals and families with a sense of privacy and encourage community-building in the days following a disaster. softshelter is part of molo’s ongoing research-driven exploration of materials, fabrication techniques and space-making with a focus on enhancing common daily ritual and flexible use of space.

We are currently undertaking a study in which a member of the molo team is occupying softshelter; the flexible shelter will be set up in molo’s workshop space from now through September. We will share the experience through a series of journal entries as the project progresses. softshelter will soon be available as a fully deployable system.

By occupying the shelter as it is being designed, we will be able to make discoveries that allow us to further refine a system that, hopefully, will one day be able to assist in disaster relief in an immediate and tangible way.

softshelter journal

110729 molo softshelter 007 softshelter update  |  11/08/05

The molo team recently did a photo shoot in a nearby factory to show what a row of softshelters might look like in a real-life scenario. The New York Times shared the photos in an article about softshelter.

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In their compact state, softshelter walls take up less than 2% the space they do when fully open which makes them extremely efficient to ship and store.

110729 molo softshelter 001 softshelter update  |  11/08/05

softshelter walls can be set up easily with as little as two people. No tools are required as the walls connect to one another with magnetic end panels. The door handle accessory can be attached to the end panel of any wall by a simple peel-and-stick adhesive backing.

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