Refresh Your Imaan tea and onsen | 12/01/05 · molo
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tea and onsen | 12/01/05

111212 float onsen 001 tea and onsen  |  12/01/05

Exhausted from cold water surfing. Remove the wetsuit and rinse off in the shower. Have some food while the bath warms up. Boil the kettle for tea.

111212 float onsen 015 tea and onsen  |  12/01/05

A unique place with particular qualities and a good book.

111212 float onsen 058 tea and onsen  |  12/01/05

The bath is not about getting clean. It is a sensory experience, like a fireplace.

111212 float onsen 049 tea and onsen  |  12/01/05

The body relaxes as the core temperature rises. After the bath, more food. This time with good beer. Perhaps the ultimate process.

tea lantern and tea cups – float glassware by molo, designed by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen
tub – built by Stephanie + Todd
table – solid piece of red cedar hand split from a 6 ft diameter flotsam log by Stephanie + Todd using a traditional indigenous method on a BC west coast beach
book – Sacred Balance by David Suzuki