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timelapse – setting up the molo stand | 10/02/05

molo’s stand at Maison & Objet was conceived using a new technique developed for creating window lintels, creating 90º corners, and constructing room-like structures by using rolled mylar or kraft paper tubes to reinforce softblocks. A luminous outer structure of white textile softblocks with integrated LED lighting created a space to explore molo’s softseating, cloud softlight, and urchin lamps. Once inside, visitors were excited to enter the kraft softblock room with a covered roof created from reinforced softblocks, sit and rest on fanning loungers or take turns shaping the urchin softlights into a variety of organic shapes.molo maison objet timelapse timelapse – setting up the molo stand  |  10/02/05

setting up molo’s stand at Maison & Objet, Paris – January 2010 (click image to play film)