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urchin softlight LED | 11/11/02

111028 LED urchin 10 urchin softlight LED  |  11/11/02

Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen, lead designers and directors of molo, are proud to announce that molo’s entire lighting line is now lit by LED.

With the recent redesign of the internal armature of urchin softlight, all molo lighting is now exclusively LED. molo has been working with LED technology extensively for a number of years and the decision to move towards LED for the entire lighting range was based a variety of factors, the most obvious being the energy efficiency of the technology.

111028 LED urchin 18 urchin softlight LED  |  11/11/02

In addition to the efficiency, compactness, and long life of the array itself, the quality of the light is also very high. We are able to specify an exact colour temperature during manufacturing, allowing for greater control of the end user experience.

111028 LED urchin 13 urchin softlight LED  |  11/11/02

Direct light from an LED array is very bright but the redesign of the urchin armature gave us an opportunity to experiment with LED diffusion. The light from urchin is reflected rather than direct. When urchin is open there is no bright glare and when closed there are no “hot spots”, just a uniform luminance that can be adjusted with the included dimmer.

111028 LED urchin 38 urchin softlight LED  |  11/11/02

This product evolution offers a more integrated approach to how urchin is lit and is harmonious with molo’s philosophy of continual refinement and simplification.

111028 LED urchin 45 urchin softlight LED  |  11/11/02