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car launch event plan design ideas

there’s nothing quite like the excitement surrounding the launch of a new luxury automobile. From casual observers and steadfast enthusiasts to tire kickers and serious buyers, car launch events are highly anticipated.

think we’re exaggerating? According to the data, 1.6 people per household attend auto shows in a given year. In other words, this is a significant opportunity to leave a lasting impression on decision-makers from every family. For this reason, your vehicle launch can feel almost as important as the design of the car itself. How will you capture the attention of your ideal buyer?


complement your next vehicle launch using molo’s soft collection

molo softwall provides an unparalleled backdrop to the vehicle on display. The fluid design with integrated LED ribbons highlights vehicle attributes while hiding showroom distractions, including those of an acoustic nature. Featuring flexible honeycomb geometry, softwall can be shaped to complement the distinguished contours of a coupé or any other model. And if your vehicle is on display at a larger auto show, you will enjoy the fact that each individual softwall (expanding up to 15-feet) can be connected to another via magnetic end panels. This feature allows you to build a seductive fortress around your presentation. As seen below, multiple softwalls can be combined to create a seamless backdrop (textile softwall and softseating used for the launch of the Ghost by Rolls-Royce in 2020).

Rolls Royce Ghost Launch

the soft collection can be illuminated or used to as a display

when LED illuminated, textile softwall is paired with textile softblock and softseating, you add further aesthetic and functional benefits to your car launch event design. As featured below, molo’s softblock and softseating serve as an eye-catching perch for merchandise, brochures and champagne flutes.

luxury car launch event plan - Rolls Royce GHOST event series
Torino World Design Capital Fiat Display · Italy photography · Daniele Badolato

softwall can be illuminated and provide a backdrop for multimedia projections too

the softwall and softblock have also been used for many unique multimedia events, including Mastercard’s “Taste of Priceless” product launch and the 2021 European Film Awards.

taste-of-priceless-mastercard-event-2 photographs: Marco Anelli
34th European Film Awards photo · Franziska Krug / Getty Images

furthermore, the patented design of molo products permits your event team to transport easily, set up or collapse and store the partitions and stands within minutes. Each compresses to the approximate thickness of a vehicle owner’s manual.

luxury car launch event plan - 2020 Fiat 500 la Prima Electric
Torino World Design Capital Fiat Display · Italy photography · Daniele Badolato
luxury car launch event plan design
Piaggio Group · Tokyo photography · Lorenzo Barassi

Explore all possibilities of molo products for your next car (or motorcycle) launch event.

molo paper softwall
molo textile softwall
molo paper softblock
molo textile softblock
led for textile softwall + softblock
molo softseating


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