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molo featured in the MoMa, NYC - Dec 2005 - April 2006 photograph by Thomas Griesel.

molo was formed more than sixteen years ago by Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen. Since inception, the molo design studio has received many accolades for being at the forefront of space making. Whether in an office, retail or living space, Forsythe and MacAllen continue to study how spaces can be sustainably reshaped and redefined in moments with its ultra flexible, portable room partitions and paper furniture.

A pivotal moment which marked our advent into the world of paper furniture design, was having our soft collection recognized by the Museum of Modern Art. Here’s an excerpt from the MoMa textual archives:

“this elegant space divider combines simple, modest materials in an innovative way to create a compelling and beautiful design object, … the multiple accordion folds of translucent paper in the wall’s surface absorb light and emit a hazy glow, imparting a subtle softness to interior space. Pliable and luminous, the Paper Softwall is an inventive and economical architectural device.”

molo inclusion at MoMa paper softwall, Museum of Modern Art. Image courtesy of MoMA Publication.

• the original paper softwall prototype at the MoMa

"the word "soft" in the wall's name describes its delicate material composition, but it also refers to its structural capacity to be stretched and compressed to create a range of forms not possible with more rigid, fixed partitions.”

molo at MoMa - Architecture & Design: North Gallery Rotation 2 photograph by Thomas Griesel

Architecture & Design: North Gallery Rotation 2

molo’s paper softwall was also uniquely featured at the MoMA’s exhibit for Architecture & Design (North Gallery Rotation 2 – Dec 14, 2005 – April 6, 2006), and complemented the other works on display in a manner that conveyed the design’s purpose in conceiving intimate spaces amidst an open room concept.

in addition to becoming a mainstay in MoMA’s permanent collection, the paper softwall has inspired a multitude of applications, from inclusion in hotel and office environments, to theatre and dance performances performances.

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North Gallery Rotation 2 image credits – Photographs by Thomas Griesel


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