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cantilever table • modular top

a folding table that expands from flat-pack to almost any length, cantilever table is ideal for conferences, events and exhibitions. Each base uses flexible honeycomb geometry to compress for storage, or to expand and connect with the next, allowing the table to be manipulated into versatile forms for diverse usage. The bases are made from paper or a nonwoven polyethylene. They pair with a modular tabletop made from sustainable, engineered wood.

sold in sets of six modular tops and two bases. One set makes a 94.5” (2.4m) diameter ring, or can be shaped into myriad other configurations.

design by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen

young man stretches open a cantilever paper base while a curious Boxer watches


honeycomb geometry matched with modular wedge tops allows cantilever table to be arranged and rearranged into countless imaginative shapes.

a woman arranges the base of cantilever table

magnetic connector

the bases are capped by end panels made with rare earth magnets. These panels connect to one another to form one circular base, or join multiple bases to create long stretches of table or bar.

the connection between cantilever table's MDF tabletops


a reinforced polyethylene with a tighter cell structure grants the white table base an impressive weight bearing capacity. The robust paper base supports the same weight.

the MDF tabletops are SCS NAF (No Added Formaldehyde) and FSC-certified, with a polyurethane satin finish. The black MDF is dyed black all the way through. The natural colour MDF is Medex®, engineered for interior high moisture areas and significantly exceeds standard MDF physical properties.


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