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paper furniture from molo includes large flexible seats, lighting and paper space lamp mobile with folding seating paper furniture below by molo.
three cloud mobiles hang in the darkIlluminated cloud softlight mobile.
cloud lamp paper light called cloud mobile by Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen.Illuminated cloud softlight mobile.
cloud softlight mobile at the Vancouver Art Gallery.A series of cloud softlight mobile installed at the Vancouver Art Gallery.
cloud mobiles installed in the Vancouver Art Gallery's "Grand Hotel" exhibitionA mysterious skyscape of illuminated cloud softlight mobiles.

cloud softlight | mobile luminaires

inspired by Alexander Calder’s marvellous kinetic sculptures, cloud softlight mobile paper lamp redefines space through gentle movement and an intimate sense of enclosure. Each cloud lamp attaches to the mobile structure by a single point, softly bobbing and revolving with shifting air currents.

the paper lamp shades are lit from within by 90+ CRI LEDs to give a natural colour to all that they illuminate. When dimmed the cloud lamp conjures a stormy, quietly dramatic atmosphere. At full brightness, the luminaries provide gentle light that is perfect to work, read, eat and live by. The cloud lamp honeycomb structures act as acoustic panels, floating overhead and absorbing sound, subduing reflected noise within a space.

design by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen

Colour temperature is a scale that measures how ‘warm’ (yellow) or ‘cool’ (blue) the light from a particular source is. cloud softlight collection colour temperatures: 4000K · neutral white 2700K · warm white 3000K · available on request 2700K is shown in the image on the left 4000K is shown in the image below

colour temperature

colour temperature is a scale that measures how ‘warm’ (yellow) or ‘cool’ (blue) the light from a particular source is.

cloud softlight collection colour temperatures:
4000K · neutral white
2700K · warm white
3000K · available on request

2700K is shown in the image on the left

cloud softlight_mobile medium_3000K_modern lighting over desk_molo

90+ CRI

Colour Rendering Index (CRI) measures the ability of a human-made light source to reproduce the colours of the object it illuminates accurately. With a maximum score of 100, CRI values that are 90 and above are considered excellent, while scores below 80 are generally considered poor. CRI is measured in relation to the colour temperature of the light source and its equivalent daylight spectrum. All molo lighting, including the cloud softlight collection, is made with 90+ CRI LEDs.

With no visible hot spots, cloud softlight transmits a gentle, dimmable light in all directions.

cloud mobile, large cloud light, paper lamp, molo


the translucent white shades of cloud softlight have a visually delicate appearance reminiscent of Japanese washi paper, and the pattern of its fine translucent fibres comes to life when illuminated. The shades are made from recyclable, non-woven polyethylene (HDPE). This non-woven textile is anti-static (repels dust), tear-resistant and water-resistant. Made to order for molo, our textile is a bright white that has an impressive colour consistency over time. It is easy to maintain, can be dusted and vacuumed, and, if necessary, can be wiped clean with a soft cloth, water and liquid dish soap.



a lighting fixture that absorbs sound and reduces the reflected noise in a room, cloud luminaires are an elegant way to float acoustic panels overhead.

cloud softlight has a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating of 0.45, meaning that it absorbs 45% of the sound that it comes in contact with. Making cloud softlight an excellent way to improve the clarity of speech and provide an acoustically calm room.

cloud light paper lamps, molo

plug-in / hardwire

choose between plug-in or hardwire installation. Plug-in cloud mobiles plug into a standard wall outlet and work internationally with 100 – 240 VAC.Plug-in mobiles do not have an inline dimmer. Select pendants if you would like a dimmable plug-in cloud.

hardwire type also works internationally and requires a qualified electrician to connect cloud directly to a building’s electrical wiring. Hardwire cloud comes with a remote driver that is compatible with 0–10V Dimming systems. DALI-compatible drivers available on request.

textile softwall with LED folding wall with cloud lamp paper light overhead.

immersive environments

pairing cloud with molo’s textile softwall or softseating creates cohesive arrangements that reach from ground to sky.


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