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flexible wooden room partitions image credit: Alana Patterson

room partitions have long been leveraged to the benefit of aesthetics and function of a given interior. This is especially true of residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces with open floor plans. But as with upscale furnishings, art, and accent pieces, the choice of room divider can make or fracture the intent. Considering this, interior designers and event producers need help to uncover innovations that accommodate their various needs. Visual appeal and flexibility in functionality are certainly of utmost importance, but there is more to it. Beneath the surface, all any spacial designer wants to accomplish is to elicit favourable psychological responses from all who enter and pass through a given interior.

there is one element tendered by mother nature that can help accomplish this worthy endeavour.

when noticeably introduced into an interior environment, wood can elicit a number of positive emotions. These emotions typically align with the goals of the designer or client. It’s logical for a commercial or hospitality enterprise to want visitors and guests to feel a certain way. A well-known study by Dr. Minoru Masuda of Kyoto University Masada reported that wood reflects long-wavelength light, which humans perceive as yellow to red hues. These hues typically convey an impression of warmth and comfort. He also stated that wood produces little reflectance of UV light, which limits straining stimuli and keeps occupants from feeling fatigued. Simply summarized, wood partitions may contribute to feelings of welcomeness and encourage guests to stay longer.

flexible acoustic wood partition system image credit: Alana Patterson

interestingly, wood used in spacial design also induces feelings of warmth from tactile contact. Studies have found that people have an urge to touch wooden furnishings and accents in a room lightly, and when they do, they consider it to be more welcoming when compared to other materials. Another study compared wood against artificial materials when subjecting participants to uncomfortable sensations. Those who received the stimuli via tactile contact with wood exhibited no increase in blood pressure. Those who received the stimuli via tactile contact with artificial materials did exhibit an increase in blood pressure.

considering the research above, a case for wooden room partitions has been made. However, there is another important psychological response factor to consider - flexibility. Studies show that curvilinear interior design layouts generate positive affective responses from people within a room. Subjects in a space highlighted by curvilinear formations report feeling more relaxed, peaceful, and calm when compared to rectilinear settings.

wood room divider - molo softwall + softblock image credit: Alana Patterson
flexible wooden room partitions in spacial design image credit: Alana Patterson

in the past, finding partitions that merge the psychological benefits of wood and curvilinear flow had been fruitless. molo has changed that. Launching in 2023 is a new product innovation from molo design studios that delivers on all accounts.

our wood softwall + softblock has been thoughtfully manufactured from sustainable maple veneer. These flexible wooden room partitions employ similar design techniques that have made molo paper and textile softwall the talk of the industry. As the gallery indicates, wood softwall + softblock’s internal almond-shaped geometry offers all of the shape-shifting abilities that molo paper and textile inventions are known for. Furthermore, it offers distinguishing sturdiness to provide confidence that it can withstand accidental bumps and brush-ups.

our wooden partition system is flexible and portable image credit: Alana Patterson

our wooden partition system is flexible and portable

unlike any wooden partition predecessor, wood softwall + softblock can be expanded (up to 15 feet) and compressed within seconds, allowing for easy transport, set-up, take-down, and storage. Most importantly - as per the thesis of this product feature - wood softwall + softblock set the table for the positive psychological responses that spacial designers desire for occupants, guests, and attendees.

flexible wooden room partitions by molo image credit: Alana Patterson

explore the possibilities of molo wood softwall + softblock for your residential, commercial, and hospitality space:

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