softroom + softhousing

softroom was developed for the Design Beyond East + West competition, calling for ideas that utilized Eastern and Western architectural philosophies to solve the housing issues of typical single-family homes or apartments. Here, intimate spaces could be folded away, giving back to the whole. The jurors included Alessandro Mendini, Seok-Chul Kim, Shi-Li Zhang and Kazuyo Sejima, who awarded the project a Golden Prize.

softhousing is a project exploring innovative solutions to single-room-occupancy (SRO) housing. Submitted for the First Step Housing Competition held by New York-based nonprofit Breaking Ground (previously Common Ground Community), softhousing proposed a series of rooms that could expand and contract to create intimate autonomous and community space. softhousing was a Winning Entry, with jurors including Toshiko Mori, Steven Holl, Michael Bell, Julie Eizenberg, Andrew Freear, Rosalie Genevro and Rosanne Haggerty.


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