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Respecting Creativity and Fighting Illegality

molo has over the years stopped parties from selling copyist products, and these parties have recognized molo’s authorship and intellectual property rights by signing agreements to cease and desist selling and marketing the copyist products. Copyist activity is a serious offense that damages the investments made by artists and the design community. molo will continue to defend our intellectual property and preserve our creativity for upholding value to our customers and partners.


Molo Design, Ltd. successful in recent intellectual property action against Papirho products sold by Exhibo S.P.A.

September 2020 – Molo Design, Ltd. announces a successful legal action against Exhibo S.p.A. for infringement of molo’s copyright by unauthorized marketing and selling of stools, benches, loungers, and tables branded as “Papirho.” The Court of Milan issued a judicial order that Exhibo infringed on molo’s copyright. The judicial order also granted the seizure of the infringing products, ordered Exhibo to cease and desist any production, import, advertising, and commercialization of the infringing products, and fixed a penalty for any violation.

This copyright decision is significant since the Court recognizes molo’s stools, benches, loungers, and tables as creative works. Copyright in Italy and many other countries lasts the author’s whole life and 70 years after death. This equips molo to protect the heritage of their innovative products for the long term.

Original design and intellectual property innovation have been part of molo’s success since Todd MacAllen, and Stephanie Forsythe first pioneered flexible partitions, lighting, seating, and tables. molo continues to invest in developing and protecting innovative and quality products that balance between realms of art, design, and architecture.

“Stephanie and I have created flexible furniture, lighting, partitions, glassware, and accessories – all with a focus on design and quality. We are committed to defending our intellectual property and preserving our creativity for upholding value to our customers and partners,” said Todd MacAllen. “With support from our global partners, we will continue to survey the global marketplace to ensure molo’s intellectual property is protected.”


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