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aluminum room divider wall portable and acoustic

at ICFF 2019, House Tipster host and Arch-Interiors designer Christopher Grubb gets a hands-on product tour with Stephanie Forsythe for molo’s launch of the aluminum textile soft collection in North America.

Forsythe touches on molo’s ever-present focus on flexibility as a critical component within the design process: “for the collapsible furniture items, it was all about the idea of re-gaining that coveted flexibility within a space.”

fire retardant and rated for commercial use, the aluminum coated partition is a free-standing acoustic wall that can be flexibly shaped or customized to suit any environment or occasion. Since the partition walls are opaque, customers have the choice to illuminate them with LED lights.


"striking and surprisingly comfortable" ... Christopher Grubb on molo's aluminum textile soft collection.


Grub explores all aspects of the molo exhibit with Forsythe including a demonstration of how furniture pieces from the collection (sofa, stool, ottoman and table) easily unfurl or collapse, along with the complementary features of the cloud softlight.

read and watch the full interview here.
see the images from the exhibit at ICFF 2019 here.
find more product information on the aluminum textile room divider here.


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