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textile partition walls - cloud pendant lighting

the tactile act of rearrangement heightens the sensory experience of one’s surroundings and deepens the emotional connection to place. At MAISON&OBJET 2019, in an immersive installation composed of the new aluminum textile collection, molo proposes an environment that empowers individuals to define a modern, multifunctional workplace through physically flexible space making.

using a honeycomb geometry to flex, expand and compress, in a multi-patented system with magnetic end panels for modular arrangement, molo’s soft collection invites users to literally bend space to shape places for interaction, focus and wellness. Where hard materials dictate a room, molo’s fluid forms welcome the end user to endlessly invent and redefine how it is engaged, whether for the daily rituals of life and work, or in a complete reimagining for special occasions.

aluminum textile partition walls - cloud pendant lighting - molo at Maison&Objet

softwall unfurls from flat pack within seconds, curving to encircle acoustic meeting areas, or stretching out to delineate areas of work and rest in an open-plan. High-backed benchwalls arc and sweep in moveable seating topographies. cantilever tables, populated by foldable stools and topped with spinning circles of sketching paper, offer gathering points for dynamic idea-sharing between colleagues. All under a soft, undulant canopy of sound-absorbing cloud lights with CRI+90 LED.

aluminum textile, which has been micro-coated with the actual metal, provides a new lively range of reflected light and shadow across the pleated surfaces of these flexible structures. At M&O aluminum textile benchwalls and softseating join softwall for their European premiere. With use, these designs take on the quality of hand-worked silver, a beautiful patina of shining facets developed through enjoyment.

molo design - aluminum textile bench wall partition - office partitions

we welcome you to experience the special reflective quality of the aluminum textile in person, and to explore all products in molo’s award-winning soft collection, designed by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen.

Stephanie will be at MAISON&OBJET to share her unique insight into the molo studio. Meetings to discuss projects or press interviews with molo at M&O may be arranged by writing to or calling the studio at +1 604 685 0340.

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