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two people stretch open a white textile softwallBenchwall - Paper Bench Wall Seating Acoustic Furniture Partition
a man tries to stretch open a white textile benchwall while a woman sits on it and weighs it downexpanding paper bench - privacy screen - folding furniture - water resistant textile natural paper
a meeting room made from benchwall, softseating and cantilever tableBenchwall - paper bench - acoustic partition - open plan office ideas by molo
Benchwall - Paper Bench Wall Seating Acoustic Furniture PartitionBenchwall expanding paper bench that is also a an acoustic space partition. The flexible shape can change from a meeting room to more open seating area
at Orgatec 2014, a small crowd of businessmen sit on an installation of benchwallsmolo paper seating
a group of people chat in a small meeting room made from connected benchwallsBenchwall - Paper Bench Wall Seating Acoustic Furniture Partition

benchwall | high backed seating + room divider

benchwall is a flexible, paper or textile bench with a tall backrest that acts as both acoustic space partition and seating. It is a modern furniture concept which can stretch into straight, high backed seating or sweep into a spontaneous circular meeting room. A modular system with magnetic end panels, benchwall can be used with the larger collection of paper furniture by molo. The brown and blue paper furniture is made from wood harvested from FSC® Certified (FSC® C158591) responsible sources and coated with a non-toxic fire retardant. The textile is a durable, nonwoven polyethylene that is water- and tear-resistant. Both materials are 100% recyclable. 

all standard benchwalls are 5 feet tall (152.5 centimeters)
please enquire for custom height

11.5 feet (3.5 meters) long · paper benchwall
16 feet (5 meters) long · textile benchwall

design by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen

Benchwall - Paper Bench Wall Seating Acoustic Furniture Partition


with time and use, the top surface softens and folds into a unique, organic pattern. The crushed facets catch light in a beautiful, variegated way, while the honeycomb below remains strong and intact.

Benchwall - Paper Bench Wall Seating Acoustic Furniture Partition

magnetic connectors

benchwalls connect to one another by magnetic end panels, or to softseating benches to create unique meeting rooms or amphitheater-style seating.


the internal honeycomb structure and pleated surface break up reflected sound and provide acoustic absorption to enhance clarity of speech.

natural wool felt pad on a water resistant paper bench called benchwall by molo.

wool felt pad

made from natural lambswool, the 15 inch (38 centimeter) diameter felt pad is a perfect cushion for benchwall.


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