softseating • folding paper stool + bench

softseating folding paper stool stores compressed like a book. This paper furniture unfurls into a compact paper stool or stretches into a long paper bench. Structured with honeycomb geometry, the foldable seat takes on surprising strength and flexibility. Multiple elements can be stacked to create playful hills, or connected by magnetic end panels to form long, winding benches and creative seating topographies.

paper softseating is held in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection.

design by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen



Folding Paper Stool Bench - SoftSeating Paper Furniture

flexible form

an individual element can fan open into a single paper stool or stretch into a bench for up to six people.

Felt Pad for Folding Paper Stool Bench - softseating Paper Furniture

wool felt pad

each diameter of fanning stool has a corresponding wool felt pad, which may be used as an optional cushion or soft table surface.

Folding Paper Stool Bench - softseating Paper Furniture

wool felt tote

the two smallest sizes of softseating are available with a convenient felt tote, for whisking the paper seats off to a gallery, garden party or concert.

Surfers sit on softseating folding stools. Great beach furniture, this portable seating comes with carry tote. This is the water resistant textile version of original paper stool by molo.


the paper furniture is made from a highly robust blend of new and recycled fibre, coated with a non-toxic fire retardant.

the textile is a durable, nonwoven polyethylene that is water- and tear-resistant. Both materials are 100% recyclable.

Folding Paper Stool Bench - softseating Paper Furniture


with time and use, the top surface softens and folds into a unique, organic pattern. The crushed facets catch light in a beautiful, variegated way, while the honeycomb geometry of the structure below remains strong and intact.

Folding Paper Stool Bench - softseating Paper Furniture - Black

magnetic connectors

magnetic end panels form the last layer of each fanning stool, creating a strong, natural clasp for the seats to connect to themselves or to other modular elements.


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