This folding table belongs to the molo collection of expanding paper furniture.This folding table belongs to the molo collection of expanding paper furniture.
molo's paper furniture includes flexible paper stools and tables, as well as lighting.Sitting at a cantilever table underneath cloud mast.
sketching circles for round cantilever tabledrawing on the sketching circles for cantilever table.
Flexible paper table by molo.sketching circles for round cantilever table
woman draws on the sketching circles accessory for cantilever tablesketching circles for round cantilever table
spinning the sketching circles accessory for cantilever tableSpinning the sketching circles from person to person.

cantilever table with folding paper base

cantilever table was designed with collaborative workspaces and events in mind. The flat-pack base uses flexible honeycomb geometry to fan open and connect to itself via magnetic end panels. The round bases are made from paper or textile, and paired with a tabletop made from Carrara marble or sustainable, engineered wood.

The brown and blue paper table bases are made from wood harvested from FSC® Certified responsible sources and coated with a non-toxic fire retardant. The white and aluminum textile folding table bases are a durable, nonwoven polyethylene that is water- and tear-resistant. Both materials are 100% recyclable. 

the round textile or paper based table, an inherently democratic shape, is a place to share ideas. A glass centrepiece doubles as a pencil holder and spindle for a stack of sketching circles. The sheets revolve around the centrepiece as thoughts are passed and developed. When used for a dining table, the circles and centrepiece can be removed or used as a flower vase.

design by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen

Cantilever Table - Paper and Cardboard Table Furniture

folding table

following an event or collaborative coworking session, the paper table collapses flat for easy storage and transport, returning flexible space to its surroundings.

Cantilever Table - Paper and Cardboard Table Furniture

sketching paper

a twist on the office whiteboard, sketching circles add tactile engagement to the collaboration process. As sheets spin around the table, ideas develop and grow.

Cantilever Table - Paper and Cardboard Table Furniture


sitting height table
27 – 5/8 inches tall (70 centimetres)

standing height table
40 – 1/8″ inches tall (102 centimetres)

specifications document for cantilever table

the relaxed formality of a standing height round table encourages spontaneous exchanges. The sitting height cantilever table pairs perfectly with molo’s 18 inch (45.7 centimeter) tall fanning stools to make a dining or meeting table.

Honeycomb Cantilever Table - Paper and Cardboard Table Furniture


a thicker, stiffer version of the water resistant polyethylene nonwoven textile used in softwall, along with a smaller cell structure, gives the white and aluminum textile cantilever table base impressive weight bearing capacity. The robust paper base supports the same weight.

the MDF tabletops are SCS NAF (No Added Formaldehyde) with a polyurethane satin finish. The black MDF is dyed black all the way through. The natural colour MDF is Medex®, engineered for interior high moisture areas and significantly exceeds standard MDF physical properties.


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