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spinning the sketching circles accessory for cantilever tableSpinning the sketching circles from person to person.
Flexible paper table by molo.sketching circles for round cantilever table
woman draws on the sketching circles accessory for cantilever tablesketching circles for round cantilever table
Cantilever Table - Paper and Cardboard Table Furnituresketching circles for round cantilever table
$ 150.00 USD

sketching circles for cantilever table

designed to accompany cantilever table · round top, sketching circles are a twist on the office whiteboard. They encourage a dynamic, collaborative work environment. A glass pencil holder inserted into the centre of the tabletop acts as a spindle for the circles. Ideas develop as coworkers sketch and share them around the table.

each stack of sketching circles is comprised of 400 pieces of paper. Once a sheet is covered with notes, plans and diagrams, simply lift it from the stack and continue brainstorming on the sheet below.

design by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen


sketching circles are 20” (50.8cm) in diameter and include 400 sheets of paper per package.

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