softseating paper lounger

softseating lounger fans into a generous pouf for lying down or sitting. Its sculptural quality is striking as an individual seating piece or as part of a larger, grouped installation. Made from structured paper or textile, the honeycomb geometry grants the modest materials surprising strength—easily supporting people and four-legged friends.

designed by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen

softseating Lounger - Flexible Paper Furniture


the flexible honeycomb allows the lounger to lean against walls or on other loungers to create contoured backrests and cozy nests.

softseating Lounger - Flexible Paper Furniture - molo


the paper version is made from a robust blend of new and recycled fibre. The textile is a nonwoven polyethylene and resistant to tears, UV and water. Both are 100% recyclable.

softseating Lounger - Flexible Paper Furniture


with time and use, the top surface softens and folds into a unique, organic pattern. Each facet catches light in a beautiful, variegated way, while the honeycomb below remains strong and intact.


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