espresso in float liqueur glasses Espresso in a float liqueur glass.
espresso in float liqueur glasses espresso in float liqueur glasses.
cappuccinos in float wine glasses cappuccino in float glassware
cappuccinos in float wine glasses Two foamy cappuccinos in float.
cappuccinos and espresso in float liqueur glasses / float tea cups cappuccino and espresso in float glass
float matcha bowl full to the brim with a cappuccino Hot cocoa in a float glassware

float | coffeeware

designed to celebrate everyday rituals, float glassware is a charming addition to a morning routine, or an afternoon coffee break. Handblown from borosilicate glass for resistance to thermal shock, each piece is readily used for beverages straight from the freezer or kettle.

the various sizes accommodate a range of tastes and styles, from the solitary espresso drinker to those that delight in a frothy cappuccino. The simple forms reveal and express each layer of a well-made café. Foam, steamed milk, crema and coffee catch light and are seen in their full intensity, increasing the sensory beauty of a daily experience. The suspended bowl design, allows for warming one’s hands on the upper portion or holding by the bottom half to avoid the heat.

designed by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen, each piece of float glassware is crafted by master glassblowers in the Czech Republic.

cappuccinos and espresso in float liqueur glasses / float tea cups


a liqueur glass used for a shot of chilled grappa on Saturday evening filled with the reviving drip of a Sunday espresso.

1.9 fl oz (55 ml) with espresso
14 fl oz (400ml) with cappuccino

float glassware - coffee cup

beyond caffeine

when filled with hot cocoa, mulled wine, or warm apple cider—float wards off the winter’s chill.


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