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float liqueur glassesfloat glassware - barware - liqueur glasses.
float champagne flutes accompanied by a bottle of bubblyfloat glassware - barware - champagne flutes
float martini glasses - barware - float glasswarefloat martini glasses.
float martini glassesfloat glassware - barware - martini glasses.
a bright green appletini in a float martini glassfloat glassware - barware - fritted martini glasses.
whiskey on the rocksfloat glassware - barware - rocks glasses - whisky
float glassware - barware - red wine glassesfloat glassware - barware - red wine into float wine cups

float | barware

a good cocktail transplants the drinker through time and space, bringing them back to a Paris bar, a twilight rendezvous, or the celebration where they first experienced that delicate sensory mix. molo’s collection of float barware elevates these moments, intensifying the taste, colour, and experience of a beverage.

the unique suspended bowl performs the practical function of insulating one’s hand from the drink and casts a colourful pattern of refracted light onto the bar or table. When used for a chilled drink, small beads of condensation accumulate on the underbelly of the bowl, adding delicacy to the optical effect rather than making rings on the tabletop.

each piece of float glassware is handcrafted by master glassblowers in the Czech Republic from the finest Germany borosilicate glass. This extremely pure and chemically inert material is resistant to thermal shock, allowing all float glassware to be used safely with both hot and cold liquids.

product dimensions:

spirit measures · 68 mm tall x 44 mm diameter (2.7″ tall x 1.7″ Ø)
liqueur glasses · 68 mm tall x 44 mm diameter (2.7″ tall x 1.7″ Ø)
champagne flutes · 165 mm tall x 44 mm diameter (6.5″ tall x 1.7″ Ø)
martini glasses · 80 mm tall x 120 mm diameter (3.2″ tall x 4.7″ Ø)
rocks glasses · 80 mm tall x 80 mm diameter (3.2″ tall x 3.2″ Ø)
pilsner flutes · 185 tall x 56 mm diameter (7.3″ tall x 2.2″ Ø)
wine glasses · 115 mm tall x 95 mm diameter (4.5″ tall x 3.8″ Ø)
small cocktail pitcher · 260 mm tall x 80 mm diameter (10.2″ tall x 3.2″ Ø)
large cocktail pitcher · 330 mm tall x 95 mm diameter (13″ tall x 3.8″ Ø)

design by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen

float glassware - barware

spirit measure

as presentable as they are practical, these glasses have a well-turned spout for tidily measuring out cocktail ingredients.

float glassware - barware

liqueur glasses

these small glasses are perfect for liqueurs, espresso and hot or cold sake.

float glassware - barware - champagne flutes

champagne flutes

a contemporary champagne glass, the clean lines add fresh expression to a wonderful tradition. The flutes are also well suited for tall liqueurs, ice wines or a single, delicate flower.

float glassware - barware - martini glasses

martini glasses

float martini glasses harmonize with the aesthetics of the float collection, while preserving the classic shape of a traditional martini glass. The bowl and base are deftly attached as a single piece. Use for martinis, or as a serving dish for berries and desserts.

float glassware - barware - martini glass - appletini

fritted martini glasses

like the tea lantern or float bubble, float martini glasses are available in a translucent fritted glass that softly filters light and colour.

float tea lantern and tea cups - Floating Glassware - Modern Designs - Japanese ice balls - molo

rocks glasses

this small cup is the perfect size for tea, white wine, or a favourite spirit on the rocks. The suspended bowl is well complemented by an ice sphere.

float glassware - barware - pilsner glasses

pilsner flutes

a tribute to the Czech glassblowers; the flute is inspired by the nation’s crisp, clean pilsners.

float glassware - barware - wine glasses

wine glasses

the wine within becomes a liquid lens, refracting coloured light onto the tabletop. This is the most versatile size in the collection, with ample volume for a cappuccino, dessert or to let a Merlot breathe.

pouring ice tea from float tea lantern into float pilsner glasses

cocktail pitcher

this pitcher is made with a double glass wall, which encloses a vacuum to provide thermal insulation for hot or cold beverages, from mulled wine to stirred martinis. The insulated wall allows for the clean form of a cylinder without a handle — simply hold and pour the way you would a wine bottle.


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