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taste of priceless mastercard event

as part of the inaugural New York Times Food Festival on October 5 – 6, 2019, molo’s softwall was used as a weaving backdrop for a ground-breaking multi-sensory exhibition called the Taste of Priceless. Festival-goers were treated to a completely new way of experiencing the Mastercard brand – through taste.

in the latest manifestation of its multisensory brand expression, Mastercard introduced two bespoke macaron flavours conceived by Kreëmart and crafted by Ladurée – Passion and Optimism – with colours that mimic its iconic interlocking circles. Passion represents Mastercard’s energy and commitment to helping people get closer to the things that they love. And Optimism signifies its confidence and efforts to making the world a better place.

immersive video projection on a softwall

stationed at Spring Studios in New York City, the Taste of Priceless featured a site-specific installation by multidisciplinary artist Monika Bravo, who is known for her hyper-sensorial interventions informed by colour, texture and abstract forms, as well as a newly commissioned immersive video work from American conceptual artist Jennifer Rubell. The installation also featured works by artists Daniel Lismore and Marilyn Minter.

watch the incredible visuals below by Monika Bravo that had us, and crowds of New York foodies mesmerized for hours.


passion and optimism

molo has always been excited about how the softwall might be utilized in creative forms of expression, but we’ve never seen or imagined something quite as expressive as this event. Kreëmart captures the installation best: “the experience begins with Monika Bravo’s multi-layered animation, which is projected onto a softwall that winds through the gallery space in a snake-like formation. The multiplicity of colors, shapes and vibrating frequencies in the work evoke a physiological response and awakening of the senses in response to the exhibition’s theme of Passion and Optimism.


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photo credit: Marco Anelli


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