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cork peg as a towel hanger in a modern bathroomcork peg as a towel hanger.
cork peg revealing its magnetic mounting systemcork peg magnetic wall hook - mounting system
cork peg in a modern bathroomcork peg in a bathroom, used to hang towels and as a toilet paper holder.
sweaters and hobo bag hangs from cork pegcork peg as a clothes hanger.
a sweater and hobo bags hang from cork pegcork peg as a hanger for clothing and bags.
cork peg used as a tape hangercork peg used to hang tape.
cork peg used to hold a saw, hammer and other toolscork peg hanging system for tools and supplies.

cork peg magnetic wall hooks + holders

available in two lengths, cork peg is a wall hook that uses a magnetic mounting system. cork is renewable, beautiful, and naturally antibacterial; lending the simple form to diverse uses from doorstop to toilet paper holder.

the weight-bearing capacity of a short cork peg is 7 pounds (3.2 kilograms). The longer peg supports a similar weight at the anchor point but weakens towards the outer tip from leverage.

design by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen

cork peg magnetic wall hanger

magnetic mounting system

an integrated magnet connects cork peg to any ferrous structure. For non-magnetic surfaces, the hook has an easy-to-install magnet cup that serves as a mount.

cork peg as a coat hook


the shorter length is better suited than the long for use as a hook for clothes, bathrobes or bags.

cork peg as a minimalist toilet paper holder.


long cork peg works well as a bathroom accessories set of toilet paper and hand towel holders.


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