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Dansk Industri - cloud light in office spaces 2 Dansk Industri, Denmark

the halo effect is a cognitive bias in which an observer’s overall impression of a person, company, brand, or product influences the observer’s feelings and thoughts about that entity’s character or properties.

what better to begin a discussion about cloud lighting for office spaces than with a reference to the halo effect?

as you know, first impressions are everything in an office environment. Prospective clients subconsciously decide whether or not they will do business with you from the moment they step foot in the lobby. What will they see as they glance around your interior space? Does it dazzle, infer creativity, and instill confidence that your organization is the right match for them? Or does it do nothing to distinguish your brand from the others they see within the same week? Furnishings are paramount, but overhead lighting is of utmost importance.

does overhead lighting really make that much of a difference?

Psychologists call it the doorway effect. When people walk through a door and enter a new space, it creates a “mental blockage” in the brain. When this occurs, the brain resets to make room for a new episode to emerge. During a reset, people adapt by drawing from their cognitive facilities. They think. What do people do when they consciously make an effort to think and reassess a situation? They lookup. And therein lies the importance of overhead lighting.

presidio ventures - cloud light fixture for offices Presidio Ventures, San Francisco, Photographer: Paul Dyer
Sony Pictures - Imageworks Headquarters - cloud light fixture for offices Sony Pictures - Imageworks Headquarters, Vancouver, Photographer: Ema Peter

cloud softlight fixtures

cloud softlight is a paper light design concept which creates a canopy of soft, luminous forms. The airy honeycomb shades are lit from within by energy-efficient LEDs, bringing a unique feeling to an office setting. It puts occupants at ease yet stimulates the brain’s temporal lobe, where ideas are pieced together. For this reason, cloud light fixtures may also be leveraged for office breakout spaces. Breakout spaces are meant to foster creativity and encourage interpersonal engagement. The ambiance created by molo’s softlight is conducive to accomplishing these goals.

cloud light fixture for offices - Ernst and Young Consulting 2
AIREA Studio in Detroit - Cloud Lighting in Lounge Airea Studio · Detroit
martin williams - cloud softlight for offices Martin Williams HQ, Minneapolis, Photographer: Paul Crosby
Dun and Bradstreet Cloud Innovation Center Dun and Bradstreet Cloud Innovation Center, Vancouver, Photographer: Ema Peter

moreover, cloud lightning is a throwback to a more innocent time. When we were children, we looked to the sky with our playmates. We exchanged ideas about what we saw in those cumulus billows in the heavens. We all had our own interpretations, and none of them were wrong. By inviting this same childlike innocence into your office, you will create a space that welcomes creative problem-solving, hypotheses, and unconventional thinking that may disrupt the marketplace to your advantage.

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