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movable walls for art gallery exhibitions photo credit: Marco Anelli

“for me, the making of exhibitions has always had to do with dialogue: a concentrated, in-depth, focused dialogue with artists, who keep teaching me that exhibitions should always invent new rules for the game.” (Hans-Ulrich Obrist)

even with mandated closures lifted, worldwide attendance at art galleries/museums has fallen by a staggering 77 percent. Capacity limits continue to margin a return to normal for some, but fleeting controls are not what keep gallerists up at night. They wonder if there has been a fundamental shift in how patrons consume works that they once flocked into a gallery to see. Should we assume that the public is satisfied with viewing installations, paintings, and sculptures behind liquid crystal displays? It seems to be the easy answer. After all, the last two years have accelerated digital commerce, from how people shop, dine, socialize, and confer over projects. Why would the art world be any different?

we think art is best experienced up-close and in person. There’s a multisensory allure that draws us in. Galleries and the industry need to innovate their use of space if they expect patrons to return. With the public adjusting to a “learn to live with covid” world, now is an ideal time to reimagine the gallery environment and how exhibits are presented.

enter molo movable walls and space partitions.

molo-at-the-MoMa-NYC-mobile Photograph by Thomas Griesel

the most enduring aspect of molo’s history is having the softwall added to the permanent collection at the MoMa in 2005. The beauty of the softwall is most easily seen through the diverse ways in which it can be used. It can serve as a textured background, display, enclosure, multimedia screen, or as an art piece within a larger installation. Adding to the sensory appeal, our movable walls can be shaped in countless formations, which provides a fun visual element, and gallery patrons are allowed to touch them.

art gallery partition walls - milan exhibit2

our modular systems also solve other logistical problems. The unifying idea behind our movable walls is flexible space making. The softwall or softblock provides gallery staff with an attractive and functional tool for delineating pathways. Curators can direct patrons from one display to the next to flow with the exhibit in a preordained manner. Partitions also allow the public to feel like they can still achieve physical distancing without it ever feeling forced.

room dividers for art exhibits gallery environments (1)
movable walls and partitions for art gallery exhibitions - collage of installations (1)

moreover, our space dividers are acoustic, which helps control or dampen noise. Guests can feel comfortable engaging in intimate conversation during their visit while allowing others to ponder their thoughts without distraction. Furthermore, you may consider molo softseating to complement the exhibit area or lounge. They naturally blend in aesthetically and provide gallery guests with a place to rest.

softseating at studio 1508 London

explore the possibilities of molo modular systems in your gallery environment:

paper softwall / folding partition
textile softwall / folding partition
custom colour textile softwall
softseating folding paper stool
soft seating paper lounger

we also encourage you to consider the possibilities of molo softblock for artwork display:

textile softblock
paper softblock


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