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suspended room dividers

what’s the first thing patrons do when they enter an expansive space to attend an event or other luxurious gathering? They look up as if their mind already expects to be dazzled. Their vision retreats to eye level as they scan the premises to see if the rest meets their high expectations. From this, you can infer that first impressions begin from above. What will you present to your audience?

therein lies the challenge.

it’s easy enough (relatively speaking) to pepper the floorspace with opulent accents and furnishings, but far too often, the scene above needs to be completed. Exposed rafters, HVAC ducts, grid ceiling panels and tiles can all detract from the intent of your spacial design. Those up for the challenge may drape the entire expanse overhead, but lighting and ventilation systems may become compromised.

how can you introduce a dynamic new look and leverage the upper-tier square footage of a space?

hanging room dividers - molo luminaries

introducing molo's new suspended softwall luminaires

suspended softwall luminaires are the evolution of our long-celebrated softwall space partitions. In the most rudimentary sense, they are defined as suspended room dividers, but like with all molo creations, they are so much more.

textile softwall luminaires are lightweight and can be suspended from nearly any framework. Numerous softwall luminaires may be positioned to delineate artfully suggested pathways, even if not markedly so on the floor. Doing so creates a sense of wonder and suspense, encouraging guests to explore.

hanging room dividers
creating suspense with suspended room dividers

the name of this exciting new design innovation gives away another advantage. Our softwall luminaires feature integrated LED ribbons. The delicate lighting fixtures forge a heavenly scene, complete with a halo effect about a given space, especially when positioned just so. When combined with other molo lighting systems such as cloud softlight pendant and cloud soft light mobile, you’ll find that our heaven comparison is no embellishment.

alternatively, you may not need (or desire) to suspend softwall luminaires from an excessively elevated position. Instead, they can stand in (so to speak) for traditional room dividers to create an impressive, magical, floating effect that will make a space feel airy and less constrained than floor-situated partitions. Visitors cannot wait to see what lurks around every given corner.

suspended room dividers - molo luminaries

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