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cloud softlight mobile

inspired by Alexander Calder’s marvellous kinetic sculptures, cloud softlight mobile redefines space through gentle movement and weightless, three-dimensional shapes. Each honeycomb shade attaches to the mobile structure by a single point, rippling and revolving with shifting air currents.

the shades are lit from within by energy-efficient LEDs and conjure a stormy atmosphere when dimmed. At full brightness, the luminaries provide gentle light that is perfect to work, read, eat and live by. cloud’s honeycomb structure absorbs sound, subduing reflected noise within a space.

design by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen

Detail of the honeycomb textile used for cloud shades.


the shades are made from a textile that possesses the delicate look of Japanese washi and transmits light as gentle glow.

a nonwoven polyethylene, the material is tear- and water-resistant, UV-stable and anti-static to repel dust.

silhouette of a man walking through an installation featuring textile softwall with LED and cloud mobiles

immersive environments

pairing cloud with molo’s textile softwall or softseating creates cohesive arrangements that reach from ground to sky.

cloud softlight mobile installed above cantilever table creates a meeting room with acoustic properties.


the honeycomb structure of the textile shade muffles reflected sounds to improve acoustics and enhance clarity of speech.

Detail of the hanging system used for cloud mobile.

plug in / hardwire

choose between plug-in or hardwire installation. Plug-in type may be plugged into a standard wall outlet and works internationally with 100 – 240 VAC.

hardwire type requires a qualified electrician to connect cloud directly to a building’s electrical wiring via a ceiling junction box. Hardwire comes with a dimmable transformer that mounts behind the junction box or in a concealed location.


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