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MOLO softblock - Paper Furniture - Modern Cardboard FurnitureLED for Textile Softwall / Softblock Room Partitions

LED for textile softwall + softblock

flexible LED ribbons integrate with textile softwall + softblock to transform the elements into expressive, luminous space partitions. Light emphasizes the subtle beauty of the textile material, illuminating the delicate fibres and dissolving into the surroundings to intensify mood or spatial experience.

design by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen

walls with integrated led lighting

walls with integrated lighting

optional LED ribbons wind through horizontal tunnels that are in each softwall + softblock, to transform these elements into expressive, luminous space partitions.

softblock with LED-molo-stacking softblocks

flexible luminous partitions

the flexibility of the LED ribbons retains the partitions’ natural fluidity, offering light as a building material that can be repositioned spontaneously.

softblock with LED-molo-connecting two softblocks

modular partition system

the final layer of softwall + softblock is a magnetic panel that folds on itself for stability, connects multiple walls and blocks to one another, or anchors the elements to ferrous surfaces.

molo - paper furniture - folding space partitions - cloud light - paper lamp pendants

translucent room dividers

white non-woven textile comes to life when light shines through its visually delicate pattern of strong translucent fibres.


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