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aluminum textile softwall | flexible freestanding partition

aluminum textile softwall empowers individuals to define a modern, multifunctional workplace through physically flexible space-making. Similar to paper and textile softwall, it may be moulded in countless curved or linear formations. When stored compressed, each lightweight folding partition wall shrinks to the thickness of a book. From its condensed state, each softwall expands to an impressive 15 feet (4.5 meters) long, or less as desired. As a modular system belonging to molo’s larger collection of paper furniture, each softwall + softblock has magnetic end panels that connect these flexible building blocks to create longer partitions and immersive, sculptural installations.

micro-coated with the actual metal, aluminum textile provides a lively, yet subtle range of reflected light and shadow across the pleated surfaces of these flexible structures. This mobile and acoustic room divider can be quickly and easily set up to provide privacy and sound absorption or to create a striking backdrop for an event or performance.

softwall + softblock is available in two widths. We recommend the 13.3″ (38 cm) width for textile softwalls or stacks of softwall + softblock 8′ (244 cm) tall and taller.

recognized for elegant design and innovation, softwall is held in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection and winner of the prestigious Danish INDEX Award for Design to Improve Life.

design by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen



aluminum textile softwall


made from thin layers of recyclable material and 99% air structured by a flexible honeycomb geometry, softwall + softblock is a new building material—relinquishing notions of rigid space-making in favour of sustainable design to accommodate change over time and encouraging responsible material use.

magnetic connectors

the final layer of softwall + softblock is a magnetic panel that folds on itself for stability, seamlessly connects multiple walls and blocks to one another for any desired length, or anchors the elements to ferrous surfaces. This elegant design requires no tools or loose parts to quickly deploy freestanding interior partitions.

reflected light and shadow

the optical properties of the aluminum textile finish create a lively range of silver and soft greys that shift as day turns to night. The shadows created by the pleated surface give depth to the tonal spectrum.


freestanding and completely flexible acoustic panels, the internal honeycomb structure and pleated surfaces of softwall + softblock break up reflected sound and provide acoustic absorption, enhancing speech clarity and creating acoustically calm rooms.

download acoustic data at the links in the documentation section below.


the textile is made from nonwoven polyethylene which has been micro-coated with aluminum. It is UV stable, anti-static to repel dust, tear-resistant, and easily cleaned with soap and water.

aluminum textile softwall and its paper sibling are 100% recyclable; both have been welcomed into Google Portico’s catalogue of healthy building materials.

At an intimate, tactile scale, the thin coating of aluminum highlights the intricate pattern of textile fibres.

reflected colour

the aluminum surface has a gentle, specular reflective quality that allows it to harmonize with the other colours it is surrounded by, such as picking up warm tones from wood, or projected colour from sunlight passing through bamboo as shown in this photo.

modular wall and furniture system

softwall + softblock is a modular system of flexible space partitions with standard heights ranging from 1 – 10 feet tall (30.5 centimetres – 3.05 meters). Elements can be stacked vertically or connected horizontally by their magnetic end panels—making it possible to create endless lengths and impressive heights, stacking and linking walls and blocks to shape immersive environments.

folding, flat pack furniture including tables and seating is available in the same aluminum textile finish as well as complimentary colours.

modern sliding paper wall dividers - Japanese shoji screens - textile softwall by solo - freestanding translucent material - room divider - water resistant - tear resistant - fire rated

felt handle + anchor strip

The optional steel strip accessory is powder-coated flat white and anchors the magnetic end panel of softwall to any solid surface. When paired with a felt handle, it creates a sliding door evocative of shōji.

metal wall hook hangar for storage

hook for softwall

For storage or cleaning, a stainless steel hook can be used to hang compressed paper or textile softwalls from a solid wall or cabinet.


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