textile softblock

flexible building blocks, each textile softblock can be stretched to 15′ (4.5m) long and stacked to create tall, richly textured walls. Available in modular sizes with magnetic connectors, softblocks have an abstract, sculptural quality and can be used to shape entire environments or to form long, winding partitions and product displays.

the internal honeycomb and pleated fins of softblock break up reflected sound and provide acoustic absorption to enhance clarity of speech.

design by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen

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the honeycomb geometry and soft material allows softblock to flex and curve, creating straight partitions or snaking structures. The blocks flat-pack for portability and storage, expanding up to 15′ (4.5m) or any length between.

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magnetic connectors

the final layer of textile softblock is a magnetic panel that folds vertically on itself to provide stability, connects multiple blocks or walls to one another, or anchors the elements to ferrous surfaces.

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white textile reveals increased poetic beauty when light shines through its delicate pattern of translucent fibres and pleats.

black textile is dyed with a bamboo charcoal ink that creates an opaque sheen reminiscent of charred wood.

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the textile is a nonwoven polyethylene that is 100% recyclable. Durable to handle and easy to maintain; it is antistatic to repel dust, washable with soap and water, UV-stable and tear resistant.

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optional LED ribbons wind through the honeycomb cells to transform textile softblocks into expressive, luminous space partitions.

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weight-bearing capacity

topping softblocks with flat trays or rigid surfaces to evenly disperse weight transforms their function from partition to sculptural banquet table, bar or product display.


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