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a woman arranges a series of stacked brown paper softblockspaper architecture built from molo softblock. A folding wall system for flexible interior partitions.
two women compress a brown paper softblockpaper furniture - sustainable design - flexible use - folding wall design by Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen
two women stretch open a brown paper softblocksustainable design for flexible use - folding walls
two women adjust a snaking paper softblockmodular wall system - paper furniture - folding room dividers
cardboard wall, flexible room divider that can be an acoustic partition, designed by molo.cardboard wall - flexible room divider - acoustic partition - designed by molo

paper softblock | modular acoustic room divider

made from strong sheets of fire retardant paper, softblocks are flexible building blocks. Equipped with magnetic end panels, elements link together to form a folding wall, entire environments or long, winding space partitions and product displays.

The blocks flat-pack for portability and storage, expanding up to 15 feet (4.5 meters) or any length between. The modular system is intended to provide sustainable means of reshaping space for diverse use, a system that can change, grow and move with your changing needs.

design by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen

brown paper softblock,stacking softblocks,paper wall,molo,090214


recyclable / responsible materials · the paper used for brown and blue softwall is made from wood harvested from FSC® Certified (FSC® C158591) responsible sources. It is then dyed and coated with non-toxic fire retardant and inks and structured in layers to create freestanding, flexible partition walls.

efficient use of material · when fully expanded, each softwall and softblock is 99% air and can easily be flat-packed for efficient storage and shipping. Light in weight and high in strength, the honeycomb allows the portable folding walls to be spontaneously rearranged to transform space.

flexible use of space · Enabling a space to suit diverse use over time, throughout the day or over its lifespan, is a core concept of the soft collection and an inherently sustainable practice. softwall + softblock requires no tools or additional supports to create freestanding structures, and is easily folded away for storage or reconfigured. Whether for the temporal division of space in a live / work environment or shaping space for the unpredictable growth of a new business, the soft collection empowers people to change and adapt.

paper softblock - modular room dividers

magnetic connectors

the final layer of paper softblock is a magnetic panel that folds vertically on itself to provide stability, connects multiple blocks and walls to one another, or anchors the elements to ferrous surfaces, including the steel strip accessory.

Klein blue folding paper wall - indigo paper softblock - modular room dividers by molo


the paper used for brown and blue softblock is made from wood harvested from FSC® Certified (FSC® C158591) responsible resources. It is then coated with a non-toxic fire retardant and structured in layers to create softblock.

paper softblock and its textile sibling are 100% recyclable; both materials have been welcomed into Google Portico’s catalogue of healthy building materials.

paper softblock - Cardboard Modular Building Blocks - cloud light - floating acoustic panel - paper lamp - paper folding wall - acoustic wall

freestanding acoustic panels

the internal honeycomb and pleated structure break up reflected sound and provide acoustic absorption to enhance clarity of speech.

paper softwall + softblock,modular system,sustainalble design for interiors,molo

modular wall system

softwall + softblock is a modular system of flexible space partitions. Elements are stackable and come in standard heights ranging from 30.5 – 305 centimetres (1 – 10 feet) tall. softwall + softblock connect by magnetic end panels, making it possible to create endless lengths of walls or stack and link blocks to shape entire environments.


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