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communal seating - indigo-blue-serpentine-bench

molo may be best known for innovative space partitions, but ironically some of our most celebrated creations are tailored to wide-open settings that encourage communal gathering.

for the uninitiated, the concept of communal seating infers little more than a long table with equally long benches on either side. Effective perhaps, but it often needs to be more compelling. Very rarely is this rudimentary form of shared seating conducive to events that honour arts, culture, fashion, theatre, et cetera.

it is from within the above problem that certain molo softseating designs found their genesis.

communal seating example from a trade show

our softseating folding benches (pictured above) are a helpful example. Designed using honeycomb geometry, our flexible furniture (made from paper and textiles) unfurls into a long serpentine seating topography that offers surprising strength and stability. Multiple benches can be connected by magnetic end panels, making the seating fun for two or dozens more. It is not unlike Pnyx Hill in Athens, where the ancient greeks once gathered in a communal discussion. Today modern poets and speakers may interact and encourage engagement with their audience in the manner Greco-democratic discussion once provided:

“People sat […] in this relation for a long time – as long as the sunlight lasted. The theatrical space thus functioned as a detection mechanism, its focus and duration meant to get beneath the surface of momentary impressions. And such a disciplinary space of eye, voice, and body had one great virtue: through concentration of attention on a speaker and identification of others in the audience who might call out challenges or comments, the ancient political theatre sought to hold citizens responsible for their words.”

Concentrating minds: how the Greeks designed spaces for public debate

communal seating - museum
communcal seating - multiple

molo softseating products also include folding paper stools that can be rapidly deployed and repositioned easily to support communal seating for various types of events. Furthermore, the paper stools offer excellent portability for couples or small groups who like the idea of taking a temporary break while on the move.

one of the most notable creations from the line is our softseating paper lounger. It exudes comfort and encourages intimacy between twosomes, threesomes, and foursomes, even amidst large assemblages. An ample open space delicately dotted with softseating paper loungers, each embracing small groupings of guests, is a truly inspiring sight to behold.

communal seating - gallery
communal seating - outdoors
Chamber Music Festival 2013 · Rome

explore the possibilities of molo softseating for your communal gathering

ultimately, communal seating is about providing an opportunity to come together for a purpose (an event or experience) but also proffer the ability to find intimacy in a shared space. By combing the varied designs within the line of molo softseating, your venue will accomplish precisely that.

softseating stools and softseating bench
softseating paper lounger


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