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modular room dividers for zoom meetings

work / home life balance is changing. About a third of professionals have returned to office (RTO) as we pass the mid-point of 2022. Things aren’t quite the same, as there is greater flexibility within the office environment. The 9 to 5 clock-in has been replaced by malleable schedules, and everyone can sit in front of meetings. Furthermore, conferences with clients, partners and suppliers continue to be held online.

virtual meetings may have become synonymous with remote work, but they are now finding new life in the RTO space.

however, with modern offices adopting open floor plans there is a challenge in persisting with virtual conferences. With fewer closed rooms and executive suites, finding an intimate place to conduct a Zoom call or Google Meet is like searching for parking during peak hours. Consequently, office administrators have unanimously decided to introduce room dividers into their respective spaces. That said, traditional partitions no longer suit contemporary commercial surroundings’ aesthetic, functional, and flexibility demands. A space partition is no longer something office admins buy from a local brick + mortar but a unique accessory commissioned in the same manner as an art installation for a reception area.

it’s within this unique space that molo movable walls are retained.

molo room dividers for zoom meetings

create a private meeting space for zoom calls in seconds

for one, our movable walls create instantaneous virtual meeting spaces. molo paper and textile partitions are designed with patented honeycomb geometry that allows them to be unveiled from a compressed state into a curved or linear formation that expands up to 15-feet. Set-up is so seamless that you can drop anchor on the spot and create a physical meeting room for a virtual conference within a single minute. The latter is beneficial for those who frequently forget a scheduled call and need to adapt quickly. Our room dividers are equally adept for digital sit-ins with multiple on-premises staff, as they connect via magnetic end panels. When a Zoom has concluded, each room divider can be abridged to the thickness of a book and tucked handily into storage.

room dividers for zoom meetings

moreover, molo room dividers are acoustically optimized to absorb sound to reduce noise from all angles. Even with spirited conversation, attendees will be none wiser. Conversely, what you say within a molo space partition stays within the space partition. Lastly, flexible LED ribbons can be integrated into textile softwall so staff can stay for late meetings.

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room dividers for zoom calls

explore the possibilities of molo room dividers for virtual meetings in an on-premises office environment:

paper softwall / folding partition
textile softwall / folding partition
custom colour textile softwall

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