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molo · imm 2020 · Cologne
13 – 19 January
hall 2.2 · stand A 020

treading lightly · molo at imm Cologne 2020

this coming January, the studio makes its first appearance at imm Cologne. Designed by co-founders Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen, the molo installation demonstrates a light touch. It challenges traditional notions of space making. It is a sustainable option that pops up from flat and compresses back once finished, leaving no waste and requiring minimal build time. By arranging and connecting elements of the soft collection, the studio will transform a rudimentary 108m2 area into a series of shifting backdrops, sculptural passageways and shared spaces.

shaped from aluminum textile softwall + softblock, this installation rewards the curious. Changing tones and subtle reflections draw guests in, then delight them with fine detail. textile softwall is often described as coming alive once illuminated, as light shines through and highlights the visually delicate material fibres. Once micro coated with aluminum, those fibres become glimmering strands that capture and bounce light, like veins of silver running through rock. Depending on their arrangement, or how ambient light catches the aluminum, these new walls offer a dynamic range of shadow and reflection.


further elements of the soft collection influence their environment and encourage tactile engagement. cloud mast balances elements of earth and air. As atmospheric shifts occur, the textile clouds dance and sway. The weight, locked in a perpetual search for equilibrium, adjusts gently to each change. Like its counterparts, cloud pendants and urchin softlight, cloud mast is equipped with molo’s newest LED system rated at 90+ CRI. An aluminum textile lounger creates an area of repose. Its unique patina, a defining characteristic of molo’s softseating, is reminiscent of hammered metal. Also on display, a series of large decorative bowls. These are beautiful new additions to molo’s collection of float glassware.


designed by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen, molo’s award-winning soft collection is a modular system of space partitions, lighting, table and seating elements that use honeycomb geometry to flex, expand and compress. Made from recyclable paper or non-woven textile materials paired with a patented system of magnetic panels, the collection empowers individuals to redesign and reshape their surroundings with spontaneous ease.

molo co-founder and designer Stephanie Forsythe will be at imm Cologne 2020 to share her unique insight into the studio.

meetings to discuss projects and press interviews at the trade show may be arranged by writing to [email protected] or calling the studio at +1 604 685 0340. We are also pleased to provide complimentary passes upon your request.

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