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are you an accredited staging professional (ASP) or luxury property real estate agent who prefers to manage home staging on your own? Whichever the case may be, you understand the importance of interior styling.

current research shows that a staged home spends 73 percent less time on the market compared to those without. Furthermore, staged homes typically sell for 25 percent more than their counterparts. The only issue is that with such a clear advantage favouring staged homes, nearly every competing property on the luxury market is afforded the same attention by its agents. Suddenly, there appears to be no competitive advantage at all unless something sets yours apart.

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this is where molo design studio’s innovative space partitions enter the room. Our paper, textile, and wood softwall partitions offer the distinguishing difference you’ve been searching for.

for one, they are ideal for houses, lofts, and warehouse conversions with open floor plans. They can be employed to create intimate spaces within large rooms so that prospective buyers aren’t overwhelmed by the prospect of filling expansive voids. It helps them understand how their potential new home can feel and function with simple yet thoughtful installations.
Be prepared for them to inquire if softwall comes with the purchase of the property.

home staging space dividers (1) image credit: Alana Patterson
paper stools and softwalls in multiple colour options softwalls and softseating come in multiple colour options. custom colour options also available by special order.

moreover, thanks to their patented honeycomb geometric design (paper and textile) and bonded sheets (wood) molo softwall can be shaped and sculpted into a myriad of curved and linear formations with the slightest touch. This function permits you to adjust their position to account for the change in natural light as morning showings transition into the afternoon and early evening. As a result, softwall helps you highlight a room’s best features in real-time.

of course, softwall’s innate capacity to divide spaces allows agents to control the flow of foot traffic. You can use flexible partitions to guide potential buyers from room to room and better accommodate more than one party at a time during an open house. Our paper softwall comes in heights of 5, 6, and 8 feet, while textile and wood softwall is available at 5, 6, 8, and 10 feet. Buyers can coexist in the same relative space without having to interact. Further, the acoustic properties of softwall ensure that there is no audible distraction from conversations occurring between visiting parties.

room dividers for home staging image credit: Jeremy Cox

lastly, when done for the day – or as quickly as a property has sold – softwall can be easily folded into the thickness of a book, transported, and stored within your vehicle or office until its services are called upon once again.

explore the possibilities of molo softwall for luxury property staging:

paper softwall
textile softwall
wood softwall


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