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vanity fair oscars party Photo credit: Justin Bishop

since its inception in 1994, the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty has become as much a part of the annual Academy Awards as the gold statues offered to the select few who made the cut. Some could say that the event is almost as exclusive. So when molo was invited to adorn the party’s venue – Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills – we knew we had to put our best stiletto forward. We understood the importance of expanding upon our prior work for international award ceremonies. What could we bring to the table that would rival the juxtaposition of vivacity and opulence that surrounds the Vanity Fair soiree? molo’s suspended softwall was the logical choice.

Suspended softwall luminarie_interior acoustic partition_01

as an elevated evolution of our renowned space partitions, the suspended softwall was aptly introduced to the world around the same time the as 2023 Oscars Best Picture winner, Everything Everywhere All at Once. The film was the first from the science fiction genre to win Best Picture.

“Ambitious, outrageous Everything Everywhere All at Once is all that and more. [It] is at least partly about not letting the forces of cynicism, isolation and hopelessness win. At the core of this wildly ambitious thrill ride, there are quite accessible ideas about connection, change and love.” (Vanity Fair)

suspended softwall luminaire - ceiling hung interior partition suspended softwall luminaire - ceiling hung interior partition
molo suspended softwall_OSCAR-PARTY_JB_000198 - PHOTOGRAPH BY JUSTIN BISHOP Photo credit: Justin Bishop
vanity fair oscar party - PHOTOGRAPH BY JUSTIN BISHOP Photo credit: Justin Bishop

the excerpt from Vanity Fair’s own review of the groundbreaking film mirrors much of what we do within the annals of molo. In creating our products, we throw prior concepts about what is and isn’t possible out with the sweepings. We swap cubic and limited for linear and infinite. Sometimes we defy gravity, which is exactly what our suspended softwall conveys.

softwall, together with softblock luminaires (view lighting), are held in the air by an internal LED armature to form luminous, suspended partitions and sculptural light fixtures. This modular system’s elements can be customized to various heights and lengths, with magnet connectivity (via hinge points) to allow for innumerably long runs or angular arrangements. softwall provides event producers with the opportunity to shape luminous passageways and rooms and/or build unique overhead light sculptures in high-ceilinged spaces. The sense of possibility invoked by suspended softwall aligns with the same suspense that surrounds the Academy Awards and the party that plays out upon its conclusion.

enjoy additional photos from the Vanity Fair’s annual affair (below) and be sure to consider the applications of our space partitions for your own upcoming production.

Sophia Vergara PHOTOGRAPH BY KRISTA SCHLUETER Photo credit: Justin Bishop
Kevin Bacon - PHOTOGRAPH BY JUSTIN BISHOP Photo credit: Justin Bishop
Hugh Grant - PHOTOGRAPH BY JUSTIN BISHOP Photo credit: Justin Bishop
VF_OSCAR-PARTY_KS_000219 - PHOTOGRAPH BY KRISTA SCHLUETER Photo credit: Krista Schlueter

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