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backdrop media events - press event background Roxane Gay Masterclass video - featuring brown and black softwall

while audience focus may be on a given speaker, interviewee, or interviewer, there’s no denying the importance of the backdrops and surroundings of media events. The periphery and background has a psychological and emotional impact on viewers. It can be what catches and holds their attention in the first place when navigating through a gauntlet of competing broadcasts and streams. It can project a sense of professionalism, trust, and confidence on a moderator while providing a pleasant visual feast for spectators. Of course, the opposite may also be true for producers who dismiss the necessity of media event design.

understanding everything above, you are pondering backdrops for a forthcoming press event and/or series of similar proceedings. That whole aesthetic of a bustling studio background replete with moving bodies, cables and wires, and tickers, when broadcast news was at its most kinetic from the 80s to 90s, is all but dead. Some consider it the heyday, but most believe a good riddance. Your audience is in the latter category; trust us on that.

so where can a producer find a backdrop that considers fashionable sophistication and function without detracting from orators and keynoters?

Baltasar Kormákur (Photo by Sigurjon Ragnar) Photo by Sigurjon Ragnar
award ceremony design stage background Photo by Sebastian Gabsch

this is where the unparalleled benefits of molo space partitions are unveiled. Serving to double-time as backdrops, our paper, textile, and wood softwall and softblock cover all of the bases you require of them.

to begin with, paper, textile, and wood softwall + softblock can be expanded, molded, and shaped into innumerable curved and linear formations. This is made possible by the patented honeycomb geometric design for paper and textile and bonded sheets of translucent engineered wood veneer for their timbered sibling. Each element extends up to 15-feet long and boasts magnetic end-panels so that the installation can grow to accommodate large studio spaces. Producers may instantly change media event environments as desired. In addition, paper, textile, and wood softblock can be securely stacked upon one another to form a fortress as tall (or otherwise) as needed.

klamroths konter tv set - backdrops for media events klamroths konter tv set - featuring white and black textile softblock with LED
backdrops for media and press events

molo softwall + softblock are also visually striking. Our sustainable wood veneer is calming, and our paper and textile products come in various hues that also mute negative and aggressive feelings and emotions. Especially enticing are textile softblock + softwall, which can be outfitted with LED ribbons to give off an engaging glow. What’s more, we’ve recently launched the suspended softwall + softblock luminaires product line, which allows producers to easily suspend and illuminate the partitions from above.

suspended softwall + softblock luminaires
media event background
Precision Dynamics stage backdrop (USA)- brown softblock by molo (1) Stage Backdrop for Precision Dynamics
CPH DOX 03 CPH DOX Festival Set - featuring indigo, white and black softblock
press event background

Sound Absorption for Sets

another unforeseen feature are the acoustic properties of softwall + softblock. The internal cellular structure and pleated surface of wood softwall and softblock break apart reflected sound and provide acoustic absorption to enhance clarity of speech. Likewise, paper and textile softwall and softwall have been extensively tested for sound absorption to great success. These acoustic properties are highly sought after by media event producers and participants as it reduces the disturbance of outside noise.

lastly, these molo design innovations are collectively as practical as possible. As quickly as they can be expanded for use, they can be folded and compressed into the thickness of a station manual. As a result, softblock and softwall can be stored and transported with exceeding ease, requiring the bare minimum of labor and storage. They can be tucked into closet spaces and into the backs of vehicles without fuss.

molo was honoured to be part of the set design of the incredible Roxane Gay Masterclass video. Watch the trailer and here's a link to the masterclass for aspiring writers as well.