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34th European Film Awards - custom backdrops for events

there is no overstating the importance of a backdrop in any literal or proverbial arena. A painter must carefully choose a backdrop before committing brush to canvas. The same is true for a photographer before placing their subject in focus. A playwright cannot envision their actors performing on stage without first knowing what their posterior framework will be. A backdrop may also be immaterially referenced as a region and era when providing context to a protagonist’s journey in a novel. Even music is leveraged as an ethereal backdrop that allows an artisan or maker to focus and complete a masterpiece.

producers of artistic or large events must also deliberate with equal attention when it comes to assembling the mise en scène of a forthcoming affair. Not only must a backdrop be visually striking, but it must also be functionally sound and allow for seamless set-up, takedown, and in some cases, proffer mobility during proceedings.

enter molo softwall and softblock.

mobile backdrops for events

34th European Film Awards featuring custom backdrops by molo

while the primary application of molo modular systems is that of movable space partitions, event producers have come to understand their value as a tangible backdrop. This became further evident to producers worldwide at the 34th European Film Awards. At that illustrious gathering, various heights of molo textile softwall + softblock, black paper softwall, and integrated LED ribbons were applied to fashion a stunning background. The assemblage allowed hosts, presenters, performers, and award winners to shine even brighter in the spotlight.

watch the "Behind the Scenes" video: