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display concepts and solutions for luxury retailers - kamihitoe KAMIHITOE · Tokyo | photography · Qurz Inc.

luxury retailers are reimagining how they present products to prospective clientele. Something that has caught the eye (and bottom line) of upper echelon brick + mortar sellers is the concept of the museological display.

publisher of knowledge and research in humanities, social sciences, and engineering Taylor & Francis defines museology display as an ensemble of relations between objects that are not meant to provide answers or achieve consensus. Instead, the display is meant to raise questions that require asking, which translates to patrons engaging staff in a retail environment. The end result is a sale.

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why luxury retailers should incorporate museology into their display concepts

in the article, Why Museological Merchandise Displays Enhance Luxury Product Evaluations: An Extended Art Infusion Effect, the authors state the following:

"artistic essence is transferred to displayed merchandise via a second-order spillover effect, enhancing its perceived luxury to consumers. Across three experiments, the museological display format outperformed a more conventional, non-museological product display. Consumers reported higher purchase intentions, via a process whereby the merchandise was first perceived as being more luxurious and then less risk inducing." Journal of Retailing, Science Direct

by putting high-end items on a literal and proverbial pedestal, they are bestowed an aura of artist value. Patrons perceive that this value will tether to their persona or home should they proceed with the purchase. A halo effect ensues as their social circle begs to learn more about how they acquired such a treasure, which leads to valuable word-of-mouth referrals and endorsements for your business. But again, it depends upon your display.

retail display concepts solutions Louis Vuitton · Osaka, Japan

"all department stores will become museums and all museums will become department stores” (Andy Warhol)

retailers who wisely conclude that it’s time to adopt more inspiring display concepts and solutions are turning to museological and gallery-esque presentations. Finding an appropriate replacement for traditional stands, shelving, tables, and accent furnishings isn’t easy. Construction costs for permanent displays can be high, and the displays themselves may be inflexible. While every retailer has different needs, below are a few reasons why and how luxury retailers have opted to use molo’s softblock.

retail display solutions (1) when integrated with LED lighting softblock becomes a beacon, inviting clientele to approach and learn more.

enter molo softblock - high end retail displays

what began as a modular room divider also evolved to harmonize the aesthetic, function, and allure of luxury item presentations in high-end retail. Formulated by honeycomb geometry and soft material, molo textile and paper softblock can be expanded, compressed, magnetically connected, and stacked to shape entire retail environments and form product displays. When integrated with LED lighting softblock becomes a beacon, inviting clientele to approach and learn more. Beyond creating an irresistible aesthetic, the softblock helps mitigate noise within a retail setting. The internal honeycomb and pleated structure break up reflected sound and provide acoustic absorption.

retail display solutions - Bottega Veneta The Invisible Store Popup - mobile Bottega Veneta - China
retail display concepts solutions fashion Santa Eulalia showroom, Barcelona
display concepts and solutions for luxury retailers (1) Georg Jensen · Copenhagen
Histoires de Parfums · Cannes Histoires des Parfums · Cannes
retail display for kamihitoe KAMIHITOE · Tokyo | photography · Qurz Inc.

the right display system can increase engagement between your staff and customers, and support the final purchase decision. molo softblock, lighting systems, and other high-end display concepts are used in luxury retail venues all over the world. Explore the possibilities of molo softblock and softseating for product display:

textile softblock
paper softblock
paper softseating

we also encourage you to consider how molo lighting will illuminate your retail atmosphere:

urchin softlight
cloud softlight
capello table lamp


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