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eco friendly room dividers

it’s axiomatic to suggest that homeowners and procurement officers of commercial spaces are leaning further towards eco-friendly interior design as the years progress. It’s called for not only from a personal responsibility perspective, but to answer the beacon to reduce one’s carbon footprint. It’s also a point of pride, and for enterprises, it can be integral to branding and offer a competitive advantage. Look no further than within the warehouse-retail spaces of Patagonia for an example of the latter.

while there is no shortage of furnishing manufacturers being applauded for their efforts in sustainable creations, space partitions in the same vein are whispered into the public’s periphery at best. Fortunately, your search for eco-friendly room dividers has landed you here in the editorial annals of molo design studio. Our softwall collection has innately been designed to provide for your earthly desires not only in construction but function and aesthetics.

eco_friendly_room_divider - brown softwall

eco-friendly design

molo softwall abstains from using rigid building materials and instead engages in more flexible, sustainable alternatives. Both the paper and polyethylene textiles used for softwall are 100% recyclable. Furthermore, the paper is made from wood harvested from FSC® certified responsible sources.

molo remains steadfast in its dedication to pairing these materials with non-toxic fire retardants, adhesives, and inks that create colors that range from sunshine yellow to midnight blue. Moreover, molo softwall’s construction employs a honeycomb cell structure that makes highly efficient use of its material. It expands one hundred times in length from its compressed dimension and can be easily re-compressed for storage or shipping. This reduces the need for carbon footprint-producing packaging and transport, even for large volume shipments of our room dividers.


eco-friendly in evergreen application

the same flexible honeycomb geometry that makes softwall storage and transport oh-so seamless, provides interior spaces with something that no other eco-friendly room dividers can provide. You see, softwall can be molded and shaped into innumerable curved and linear formations. Standardized (so to speak) options expand up to 15-feet in length, although custom cuts can also be ordered. This literal and figurative flexibility allows occupants and users to engage softwall for a variety of scenarios, be it to delineate spaces for one-off events (parties, etc.) or to serve as semi-permanent structures that may transition once a year with spring cleaning and room rearranging.

further, molo softwall boasts a wonderful juxtaposition of lightweight yet sturdy construction. The latter ensures that the room dividers will sustain their duty to your home or commercial space for as long as you take up residence within. It can also come along with you with ease should a potential relocation be on the horizon. This product is not just eco-friendly but evergreen in its application.

flexible wooden room partitions by molo image credit: Alana Patterson
blue softwall
custom colour textile softwall · Pantone 200 C red

eco-friendly in aesthetic

we promised elegance in the title of this thesis on eco friendly space portioning, and we have delivered. molo softwall can be dyed in a wide spectrum of colors, but those who aim for an eco-friendly aesthetic to accompany tangible responsible practices will love our latest innovation. Our green softwall marries sustainable functionality with a visual appeal that is unparalleled. Not only does the subdued hue match the theme of being eco-conscious, but studies have consistently found that the color has a particularly calming and soothing effect and is also closely linked to positive emotions. It’s no stretch to suggest that molo softwall is not only better for the environment but also better for occupant and visitor mental health.

eco friendly room dividers partitions

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