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partitions for fine dining establishments (1)

“Dining is and always was a great artistic opportunity.”

Franklin Lloyd Wright’s observation about dining unambiguously references more than the artistic nature of a well-crafted menu. He was a preeminent architect, after all. And as you know, the design of your space is an integral component of the culinary experience offered to patrons. You have invested significantly in this fact. However, the onset of the recent decade has compelled you to reconceive the physical nature of your interior. A byproduct of doing so is that guests have become accustomed to dining in more intimate spaces. They enjoy being removed from the bustle of others who share the same square footage. However, you’re not about to (nor do you desire to) renovate to introduce floor-to-ceiling walls. Despite the need for privacy, patrons still want to see and be seen, even if occurring from the edges of a partition.

as a restaurateur searching for a solution, you’re likely exploring options for room dividers. So far you’ve only come across choices that make more sense as a garden trellis than they do for a Michelin Star (or aspiring) establishment. What is one to do?

enter molo movable walls and space partitions.

partitions for restaurants Baraka Restaurant & Lounge · Budapest, Hungary

while applications span across many industries, molo paper and textile softwall are as obliging to upscale eateries as they are to art galleries and museums. For one, as a freestanding space partition, molo’s softwall acts as a modern room divider that boasts the flexibility to be shaped in any curved or linear formation.

the honeycomb geometric attribute is an irrefutable advantage over alternatives. You can place the portable softwall wherever you desire, and given that it expands to an impressive 15 feet long, it can be altered to account for varying dining party sizes. You can flexibly define spaces as needed to give patrons the feeling that it was done to accommodate their particular group, even if not the case.

room dividers for restaurants

partitions work for restaurants and private parties

on that note, molo partitions allow restaurateurs to host intimate private parties without having to clear the rest of the establishment. The softwall + softblock provide a visual and functional delineation of space and have acoustic properties.

noisey conversations can be contained within one side of the room partition, while commotion from the other side is kept at bay. As a result, your restaurant can introduce more intimacy, manage a greater number of bookings, and enhance revenue.


catering events too

furthermore, you may consider expanding (or introducing) catering for various types of events. If you select molo’s partition system to be part of your restaurant, you can carry over (literally) the same functional elegance into event spaces. This is made possible due to the portable nature of the partitions. When compressed, the folding wall shrinks to the thickness of a book, which allows your event team to transport to and set up within other facilities with ease.

softwall is a revolutionary way to transfer your offering from one flagship to another edifice. And if you wish to keep your restaurant open while catering an offsite event, simply order the number of softwall room dividers required to accommodate both needs. Once again, you find that molo softwall does more than creating intimate dining spaces; it opens up new possibilities.

room dividers partitions for restaurants - Bologna Gallery of Modern Art Event 2 Bologna Gallery of Modern Art Event - the textile softwall and softblock featured
room dividers partitions for restaurants - Bologna Gallery of Modern Art Event Bologna Gallery of Modern Art Event - the textile softwall and softblock featured

explore the potential of molo modular systems in your fine dining establishment:

paper softwall / folding partition
textile softwall / folding partition
custom colour textile softwall

we also encourage you to consider the possibilities of molo softblock for upscale restaurants:

textile softblock
paper softblock


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