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museum lighting fixtures - gallery lighting fixtures

lighting fixtures within museums and galleries are as important as the pedestals, stands, frames, and floorspace where collections are displayed. But to provide optimal illumination, curators must consider both presentation and protection.

to begin with, the latter consideration (protection), using LED lighting, is essential. The light cast by an LED contains no UV rays and minimal infrared. UV and infrared are known to harm paintings, photographs and other sensitive works of art and artifacts. In addition to protecting items within the premises, LED lighting is also easier on the eyes of patrons and staff. All molo paper luminaires use LEDs, providing museum and gallery curators peace of mind. But this is just the beginning of the benefits of using molo lighting fixtures. Our line of paper lighting offers administrators and curators several idyllic options, which we will explore below.

museum lighting fixtures - gallery lighting

we first look (up) to one of molo’s latest innovations – our suspended softwall + softblock luminaires. The lighting system and overhead partition hover from above by an internal LED armature to form luminous and sculptural light fixtures. The modules easily connect with magnets and hinge points, permitting infinitely long runs or angular arrangements of sharp 90-degree turns. Angles larger than 90 degrees can also be accommodated with the standard armatures. This modular system is available in 8-foot and 16-foot options, making it an ideal installation for galleries and museum spaces with moderate to significant ceiling space.

if our suspended softwall + softblock luminaires are the most prodigious of our lighting fixtures, our cloud softlight mobile is the most whimsical. Castles in the sky, if you will.


molo cloud softlight mobile redefines overhead spaces through delicate movement and an intimate sense of enclosure so that the focus remains on exhibits within the facility. Each lamp is attached to a mobile structure by a single point so that it softly bobs and revolves with subtle air currents that move through the halls and mezzanine. In addition to accenting without distracting from curated works, the lighting system’s honeycomb structures act as acoustic panels to absorb sound and subdue reflected noise. cloud softlight is also available as individual pendants for more intimate enclosures within a museum or gallery setting.

museum lighting fixtures - gallery lighting displays
museum lighting fixtures

molo featured in over 100 galleries and institutions

molo textile softwall + softblock with LED ribbons are equally fitting for highlighting exhibits while providing patrons with safe passage. softwall and softblock LED are designed with patented honeycomb geometry and connectible magnetic end panels. These features allow curators to integrate them with exhibit pieces as desired. Both can serve as a luminescent backdrop, while softblock can also be employed as a perch to display artisan works and heirlooms. For added effect, molo urchin softlight – a shape-shifting paper lamp – can be placed along the floor space to add a sense of wonder to any exhibit.

molo’s soft collection is in use in over 100 institutions around the world including the MoMA and the Nobel Prize museum. Unveil the possibilities of molo paper lighting fixtures for your museum or gallery space:

suspended softwall + softblock luminaires
cloud softlight pendant
cloud softlight mobile
cloud mast
textile softwall + softblock with LED
urchin softlight


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