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pink softwall - petal pink - Pantone 12-1305 custom colour walls - molo

it’s pink and it’s beautiful.

back in 2004, Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen introduced molo to the world at ICFF New York. Their small exhibit was full of big ideas on new ways of building lightly, flexibly, and sustainably. At ICFF 2024, May 19th – 24th, you can experience the full soft collection—a paper and textile universe of flexible partitions, lighting, and furniture that has evolved over two decades. 

petal pink – pantone 12-305 – Available for preorder now

ICFF is the premiere of molo’s limited edition textile softwalls printed in petal pink. These custom softwalls infuse a space with the warmth and joy of spring. 

the gentleness of the colour further harmonizes the flexible concept, function, and aesthetic of the partitions and is a wonderful solution for a spontaneous change of atmosphere.

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privacy screen features

the pink textile softwall is made from a non-woven polyethylene material and is structured with layers of flexible honeycomb geometry. This unique combination of material and honeycomb architecture allows the softball to be incredibly flexible, durable, lightweight and sturdy all at the same time. The non-woven textile and pleated surfaces not only break up reflected sound and provide acoustic absorption, it also gives the walls a delicate, fabric-like appearance. 

designed and refined over two decades, softwall was created for sustainable use over time. Here are key features that support a long life and responsible use: 

• UV stable, 

• anti-static to repel dust, 

• tear-resistant, 

• fire retardant, 

• easily cleaned with soap and water. 

• highly portable and storable,

• 100% recyclable.

molo at ICFF 2024 · New York · 4 Photo credit · Mikhail Mishin

molo co-founder and designer Stephanie Forsythe was at ICFF to share her unique insight into the studio. The full soft collection was on display, including the petal pink softwall.

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